Diving into Logic World from..... 2000-03-02?

by @internet_man5 months ago (edited5 months ago)

After looking for mods, I saw a post on The Mod Archive, titled: “Logic World (kyze-logic_world.xm) - The Mod Archive”


So after clicking on it and scrolling down, I see: “

  • logic world
  • by ? Kyze [BPX]

dedicated to the understanding


thanks to everyone who recons their samples.

complaints may be sent to /dev/null (/and nowhere else)

finnished: 2000-03-02, the year of ‘asking to get downed’ aka, the ‘bredband-wannahave’- year.. (ye, it’s sad)

the world is f*cked up.. just try not to think about it. “

It appeared that it was referring to music as the “samples”.

After researching what the file type .xm (logic_world.xm) was, I found this on Wikipedia: “ XM, standing for “extended module”, is an audio file type introduced by Triton’s FastTracker 2. XM introduced multisampling-capable instruments with volume and panning envelopes, sample looping and basic pattern compression. “

After downloading the XM file and converting it, it played music as I expected. The reason I converted it, is because it released in 1994 and Windows no longer supports listening to the XM file format. If you would like to play with it, I have the XM file and the MP3 file linked: https://ln5.sync.com/dl/13698c400/4z6wqxyq-v2axvcuz-c2icmfcf-ahfbscqc

Revisiting the website, “logic_world” has been downloaded 258 times (before posting this). The last person before me to download the file was in Tue 2nd Feb 2021. Which means that this music must have some sort of use somewhere.

I was able to find it on youtube, obviously not posted at the music’s release. The video titled “Logic World.xm/00:03:56 559.514KB [KEYGENMUSIC]” was uploaded in 2019, but even in the description, it as well states it was finished in 2000-03-02, 6 years after the original release of the XM file format for music.

However, this video does not explain the 258 downloads. KeygenMusic only has 5 subscribers, and that video only had 13 views. The download file for The Mod Archive was not linked. I started to suspect that The Mod Archive was faking their numbers, so I investigated. It just says 258 plain without any tracing back to a download counter.

It ends here, enjoy the information you just got or something, idk