Names, columns and categories of custom components?

by @cubi731 year ago

Is it possible to give custom components (SUCC and LSX files only, no C#) a display name, column and category? Although the values of the column and category fields in the component’s SUCC file are displayed in the in-game component browser, they are always prefixed with ComponentColumn. and ComponentCategory. as if the game tries to stringify a non-existent C# class. And the component’s id is always prefixed with the mod’s id in the in-game component browser.

@Flampt1 year ago

How do you make custom components?

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

As you’ve apparently discovered, these text strings are defined in the mod’s localization files :) I’m happy to see folks playing with the modding systems already, even in their current early state.

@cubi731 year ago

Nevermind, just found out that I can define all name placeholders in the languages folder of the mod :)