Logic World Wednesdays: The Even Clickier Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper1 year ago

Chair-only Keys - Jimmy

I added a much-requested option to Keys that only allows them to be pressed while sitting in a Chair.

Even More Configurable Action Wheel - Jimmy

I added a slider to the Action Wheel to change its size, as well as a button to reset the Action Wheel to its default configuration.

I’m planning to add even more customization options to the Action Wheel later, like changing the inner radius of the segments and the opacity.

Even Clickier Switches - Jimmy

I added a nifty little feature that lets you quickly set a whole line of switches to a single state.

Web Request Tracing - Felipe

As you know from previous LWWs, the logicworld.net website’s backend is made up of many individual services, each responsible of a number of tasks. When you make a request to the website, the main web service calls all of the necessary services, which in turn can call other services. This can make it difficult to know what actually happens when a request is made, since there is no way to know how the service calls are related to one another.

To remedy this, there is a thing known as tracing. When implemented in a system such as ours, tracing adds metadata to each call that associates it with the top level call, allowing us to know why and when a service is called. This also makes it easy to identify performance bottlenecks, since we can know what took the longest time.

I’ve now implemented tracing for all of logicworld.net’s services. This will make the web services easier to debug and to optimize.

web tracing.jpg

0.91 previews coming very soon

We are almost done with 0.91, the first major update for Logic World. It is on track to be fully released later this month. Before that, though, we’ll be releasing it “in preview”. This means you’ll be able to opt-in to downloading the update early, but it isn’t guaranteed to be 100% stable. The primary purpose of the preview releases is to get more people and systems hunting for bugs, so that the full release can be as bug-free as possible.

If all continues to go well, public 0.91 previews will begin later this week :)

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See you next Wednesday!

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@tokumei1 year ago

Petition to have a setting to invert the modifier on switches, so when that setting is active, they switch to the same position by default and toggle if Mod is held

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Done! Just added the secret setting MHG.Secret.InvertMultiSwitchInteractionModKeyBehavior. Thank you for the suggestion :)

@Vykori1 year ago

Even More Configurable Action Wheel

I do be kinda curious if the smaller action wheel can still be interacted with if you accidentally move your mouse too far?

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Great question! Yup, action wheels of all sizes have infinite interaction range. The intention is that you only have to think about the direction of mouse movement, not the distance.

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Wow jimmy I really liked that video, good job!!!