Logic World v0.90.1 is now available

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper8 months ago (edited8 months ago)

It’s been one week since Logic World came out, and what a week! As of this morning we’ve sold two thousand copies of Logic World - literally double our optimistic, best-case-scenario prediction for week one. Thank you so much to everybody who’s supported us and bought a copy. You are making our dreams come true.

We’re going to repay your kindness with many many updates to Logic World, all of them free and all of them awesome. That starts literally right now, as update 0.90.1 is now available for download on Steam and Itch.io!

0.90.1 Changelog

Horrible critical issues

  • Fixed being unable to load a world when the system language is set to Slovak or Czech (#91)
  • Fixed being unable to load a world when the local network does not support IPv6


  • Added a little “Are you sure you want to quit the game?” confirmation popup when you press “Quit Game” in the pause menu. Like all confirmation popups in Logic World, this can be skipped by holding shift while you click the button.
  • Moved some buttons around on the error screen
  • Added a button on the main menu to open the Creation Hub
  • Various aesthetic tweaks to the Languages menu
  • Color Picker RGB/HSV sliders are now shown by default (previously they were hidden by default and had to be manually expanded)
  • Renamed the secret setting MHG.Networking.Secret.InternetProtocol to MHG.Networking.Secret.InternetProtocolOverride. The client will now select an appropriate protocol by default.
  • Renamed the server config value InternetProtocol to InternetProtocolOverride. The server will now select an appropriate protocol by default.
  • Added server config value: AllowConnectionsFromADifferentGameVersion
  • The gameinfo command now prints the commit sha and the date/time at which the commit was made
  • Doubled the placing range of Fixed Placement Points (at the top of Mounts and Flags)
  • Fully disabled Unity analytics and hardware reporting
  • The default bindings for Increase/Decrease Multi-Wire Placing Offset now include options to use Q/E in addition to scroll up/down. You will need to reset these settings to use the new default bindings.


  • Renamed Buffer to “Fast Buffer”
  • Tweaked Fast Buffer geometry and colors
  • Added new “Buffer” component, which is like a Fast Buffer but it has an output peg and has a delay of one tick. Buffers are smaller than Fast Buffers, and can be fine-rotated.


  • Fixed the game not loading C# code files
  • Added the following interfaces to LogicAPI: ICustomDataManager, ICustomDataManagerFactory
  • Added the following interfaces to LogicAPI.Server: IPeg, IInputPeg, IOutputPeg, ILogicManager, IWorldMutationManager


Added work-in-progress translations for the following languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Croation
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian

Thank you to all the volunteer translators! You people absolutely rock!


  • Fixed Relays not propagating the signal in some situations where multiple connected relays opened in the same tick (#111)
  • Fixed sometimes failing to start the integrated server because the chosen port was in use. Previously we used an available TCP port; now we correctly use an available UDP port.
  • Fixed circuit boards flying away like a butterfly when you try to place them on the bottom of a Mount or Flag
  • Fixed Multi-Select still using Z after the initial state entry if Multi-Select was rebound to a different control
  • Fixed being able to make Circuit Boards so dark the grid lines disappear

What’s Next

We’ll be releasing 0.90.2 sometime next week, and then we are finally taking a damn vacation. 0.90.2 will be the last update for a while. Let us know in the comments of this post what fixes and tweaks you’d most like to see in that update.

Happy Halloween!

@Vykori8 months ago

Really interesting seeing this update marked as “High priority” on steam! Haven’t seen that before. Only 8MB too, very nice! And this changelog is just… perfectly written and detailed for those who care about changes like this, which is probably most people on this forum in the early stages of the game. 1010 update. Thank you!!

@Vykori8 months ago

Added new “Buffer” component, which is like a Fast Buffer but it has an output peg and has a delay of one tick. Buffers are smaller than Fast Buffers, and can be fine-rotated.

Hmm. Cool! I wish it was functionally beneficial to use this instead of a delayer set to 1, though. Like the old “Small delayers” before the game was released had the unique ability to fit immediately next to each other. Considering the delayer has a physically higher output blot, I’ll probably find myself using those more frequently than slow buffers for building compact circuits

@JimmyDeveloper8 months ago

I am probably going to remove 1-tick delayers for this reason, making the delayer range 2-30 ticks.

@GalaxP8 months ago

So that’s why I couldn’t load into a game

@ForLoveOfCats8 months ago

Hahaha, you can’t trick us. Those are just blotters! :P

@DragonLord8 months ago

I guess the second Oracle protest worked lol

@Ecconia8 months ago

Comment whatever you want to see fixed within the next 2 weeks!

@DragonLord8 months ago

The one that causes a crash when moving fine placed components (165 I think?)

@Vykori8 months ago

the entirety of the issue tracker hehehe

@Ecconia8 months ago

Players not properly getting disconnecting from the server (probably related to network not having timeout).

@Ecconia8 months ago

Socket placement/copy/move/whatever crash-bug!

@DragonLord8 months ago

Is 165 the big that you’re talking about?

@JimmyDeveloper8 months ago

I think in 0.90.2 you should add turtles

@Macrohard_Onfire8 months ago

More dragons and such would be more fitting i think

@DragonLord8 months ago (edited8 months ago)

That’ll come out sometime in April of next year