multiplayer is now kind of un-used

by @internet_man1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

I have 9 servers and the only server that isn’t shut down is Ecconia’s server, which is also basically unplayable due to the lag.

Jimmy, I feel like rating are gonna start dropping unless you do something, because some people usually always play multiplayer due to the fact people can give advise, help you build, and play with your circuit/creation

-note here, Logic World should be able to have one copy of itself that can host and play LW at the same time. Would have hosted my own server if you could do that, and I imagine other people are like that too.

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@Ecconia1 year ago

“Multiplayer” no. I always use multiplayer.
I highly dislike SinglePlayer and only use it for mod-development.

@internet_man1 year ago

I think one way to get server’s fans spinning is to get rid of the crashing every 5 minutes and that sort. Would love to see 10 people in a server at once, consistantly.