Big archive, poor computer

by @bxbhh8 months ago

When a large archive is opened, the LW will always crash or become unresponsive.:( Maybe I should consider upgrading the hardware to drive more cyberboards.( ›´ω`‹ )

@Ecconia4 months ago

I assume this was with version 0.90? You can try to limit your render distance to the minimum when joining. And there are 2 mods that reduce the client loading speed and resource usage.

@smeefree6 months ago

i have the same issue but i have high end gear* (high en for 2018). im using an gtx1080TI 32GB of ram and a ryzen 7 2700k cpu. the game seems to hover around 16-22% cpu usage and around 3.4-4.6GB of ram but ends up freezing up. even after letting it sit for 20 odd minutes it still between those values and just “loading” would love to see if they can fix it as that world has most of my progress.