Signal loops can be glitchy

by @Flampt1 year ago

I built an 8-bit computer in the game and it has a clock with a looping signal (I’m using an inverter and a 3-tick delayer). The signal is converted to a one tick signal, but every few seconds (depending on the simulation rate can be even more often) one or more ticks are skipped and result in a few faster ticks. Basically it’s not very stable. Now I don’t know if this a game bug or it’s just something that can’t be fixed. It definitely isn’t because of my pc because it’s a great pc.

@Ecconia1 year ago

Sounds weird. The simulation appears very reliable, there are no known issues.

Feel free to provide more details, and maybe upload an example of your world.
You could also ask for help in the Discord, that is probably the easiest way to understand this issue.