Logicity Revamp / Logicity 2.0?

by @Ry4 months ago (edited4 months ago)

A while back, I started something on my LW server called “Logicity”, a small town built in Logic World with some circuitry stuff. initially, quite a few people were on it, but nowadays the city is mostly stagnant and empty. would anyone be interested in this “project”? If so, should we:
A: Continue on the current town / city
B: Start anew

Also, if we Start anew, I’ve thought of an interesting idea. what if we made the city at a 1:10 scale, and use the playerscale command to make the players 10 x bigger? this way we could have a lot more detail than at normal scale. would that be cool, or bad?

for reference, here is the main part of logicity at this moment

@Ecconia4 months ago (edited4 months ago)

Will the new version be on the same server? Cause I would like to carry over my house… Building it again would be a pain - but also a possibility. It should be a bit bigger anyway…

@Ry4 months ago

If we don’t do the 10:1 scale thing, I’ll prob let people transfer their buildings over to the new one

@Ecconia4 months ago

I am quite interested in the 1:10 scale idea, however we might want to ensure, that this works first. We might need mods for that. Since I recall several situations where the playerscale gets reset by the game again.

@JimmyDeveloper4 months ago

Indeed; the playerscale command is just for fun and not officially supported. It’s a side effect of how crouching works.

@Ry4 months ago

I think the size does reset on crouching and flying, so we might meed a mod