Poll on the future of the logicworld.net modding workshop

by @pipe01Developer1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

As you know, logicworld.net will in the future have a section for sharing your mods. I’ve been thinking about integrating this system with GitHub, allowing you to create a repo on GitHub then publish it on logicworld.net, then all your releases on GitHub will be automatically synced to the logicworld.net website, allowing you to iterate on your mod without even touching this site.

However, I understand that some people may be opposed to using GitHub at all for various reasons, so I’ve made a poll for you to let me know what your opinion is: https://www.strawpoll.me/21146246. Please only fill this poll if you plan on making mods for Logic World, since this only affects mod makers and not users.

@GHXX4 months ago

I’d say zip-only: Having it automatically grab the code from github would come with a few issues: Some changes in the git repo would trigger a new build, even though only documentation changed. How does LogicWorld.net know where the actual mod structure is located? Some files should be excluded from the downloadable mod (e.g. Readme.md, and some other files that are solely for development)

I think a zip upload would be best, possibly even with an API for that. Then people that want it to be automatic can set up a github actions thingy, or just have a script locally. This would however require the website to support tokens though, since username and password isnt very nice in scripts

Additionally, from a safety standpoint: In case github sync would be a thing, anyone that has write access could put in malicious code. and the owner cannot do anything about it if deployment is automatic.