Logic World Wednesdays: Very Veritable Variant Variation Variables

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper1 year ago

Component Variants - Jimmy

I’ve built on my work from last week and added a system to give each component type a number of variants, dependent on the number of pegs it has. We’re now using this system on Displays and AND gates, and each component type has recieved some new features as a result.

Also, it turned out there were a bunch of bugs with last week’s variable peg counts implementation, but I tracked them all down and fixed them, epic style. One of the little bastards took me an entire day. That was a bad day.

Optimizations - Jimmy

My other big focus this week has been on making the game run faster. In particular, I’ve been looking at Relay components and client-side world rendering performance. I don’t have anything tangible to share yet, but I’ve identified the main performance pitfalls of each area, and I have a game plan for approaching them.

And so begins my quest to make the game Very Cool And Fast. Those two areas are not the only ones I’ll be fastering, just the ones I’m starting with. When I’m done with this work, you should be able to run huge and complex circuits on low-end computers, and huger and complexer circuits on high-end computers. Stay tuned.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@Ecconia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

Component Variants, are a nice thing. For the component list cleanliness. And for the code behind that.

I am a bit interested in how components change with changing size and peg amount.
Is that code per component? For displays, does the max amount of pegs change, if the component becomes too small?

*Edit: Will or are there setting entries to change the peg amount? One (as user) can assign these manually, they do not have to be set by default. But the possibility should be there.
**Edit: Arguments for peg-amount-change-keybind-setting are:

  • Some players do clean up the Hotbar, LogicWorld will have a lot of components there quickly, thus the component needs to be regenerated after hotbar cleanup That takes time cause:
  • It is too much effort to open the component options and move a slider.
  • Once it is cleaned, just like in Minecraft, instead of opening the component list and configuring, one goes to the next place that component was used and copy it from there.

We love optimizations! Personally I am very interested in details regards which issues you detected. I would love to hear about each “in details”, but that’s rather for a voice-chat session.

Regards Relays, have you been able to figure out the cause of the missing toggle-tick?

I will stay tuned!

@tatertacoma1 year ago

Can’t wait to see a mod that adds all the components into one component…

@vigilantehobo1 year ago

Guessing its gonna be a mux and demux with a ridiculous amount of pegs

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

I’m not planning to have mux/demux components in vanilla LW. There are tons of different & interesting ways to build those things out of other components; there’s room for problem solving and novel innovation when designing them. I don’t want to make that great gameplay obsolete by adding a premade version of them.

My philosophy is that new additions to Logic World should always add more gameplay than they take away. (Unless the gameplay they take away is bad lol)

@tokumei1 year ago

Anxiously awaiting your apt affirmation of … Well dang, I suck at writing alliterations at 6am. Can’t wait to hear more about your improvements to relays!

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

I am pretty sure this is my all-time favorite LWW title