LW computer languages, why it isn't entirely possible.

by @internet_man1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

I bet a few of us at least has dreamt of an actual programming language, not machine code, a programming language! But it is not easy, nor is it possible with the tech we have currently, I believe.

1) Typewriters: are in this game, but very bulky, laggy, and unpractical for coding.

2) File loading: (reloading a file of code onto a screen) is possible, but just not very fun to do

3) Storage: is low, 512 bytes even can’t fit a whole lot of text (when programming decently big programs) and 512 bytes is quite a big amount for LW, very laggy too

4) Time: translating code with a LW computer pre 0.91 is time comsuming on a big program, and even more storage is required for the compiler code.

Once our tech improves, I imagine coding languages could be more practical

Plus, Jimmy will fix most lag 0.91 and for more versions I imagine

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@Ecconia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

I see no problem. One can always use a modded memory component, if performance really is an issue.
Personally I am doing a hybrid way of using mods. I use vanilla where possible, but replace repetitive circuits with a mod. Well this requires to be able to write such mods.
But really I think the most difficult aspect of this is actually writing the compiler (in assembly).
I am on my way to archive this, but it will probably still take a few months - am still working on the display + keyboard (aka IO).

@internet_man1 year ago

Yea, I mainly meant for vanilla. With mods, certainly possible. Also, GL!

(looking forwards to writing shadercode lol)