public AIY dev/play server

by @sybergoosejr4 months ago (edited4 months ago)

this is the public server for playing around and for me to develop the AIY system. (assemble it yourself)

the server is mostly 247 however it is currently running on a computer used for other things. it may go down at time due to reboots or other needs. just ping me on discord if it’s down and you want to play.

Server information:


Version: v0.90.3

Security: verified mode (description below)

World type: Grid

Runs: 247

Rules:§ Put your name on your creations, else they might be removed. please build on boards and don’t use components on the ground unless for testing and you remove them when your done. (i may start removing builds that don’t follow this) you may copy anything from the AIY/spawn area however please ask me to review any component/board if you wanted it included in the AIY kit. Do not use this server as your test server to find crashes, since that is an inconvenience for others using it. Do not edit things others have made, you may copy them of course. Do not spam components, keep your builds non-scattered and best at a certain area. Do not use more flags that you have to, since these cause a bigger amount of client-lag. Turn off machines when you do not use them anymore, and add the ability to do so to your own. (This shrinks network traffic significantly). Troubleshoot:§

The world can be large at times as there is an entire test cpu built with 128 bytes of memory/rom. please be patent while joining. low spec computers you can try to set your render distance to a lower setting to help joining in.

The server is running in verified mode. That means you have to be logged into your account. To do that open the games main menu and press the “log in” button in the top left corner. If you are not logged in the server gives an error message similar to this: “Could not verify your account”

@sybergoosejr3 months ago

please note due to lag issues and stale builds i will be resetting/cleaning up the server back to AIY only to drop load times. only AIY and the AIY test CPU will stay.

if you would like me to leave your build please go in and put a sign on it that says “SAVE ME PLEASE” with your username on it!

dont worry about your hard work i will make a copy of the world before clean up and upload it to the creation hub later after reset.

I plan to do the reset this weekend after this message.