Port to VR: is it possible?

by @TheCircuitGuy28285 months ago (edited5 months ago)

I have gotten this game not too long ago and I find this game really cool. One thing that I think would be awesome is if I could play it in VR. But I’m wondering if it’s allowed (To port the game) or even possible. Any thoughts? Edit: My headset is the Oculus Quest 2

@JimmyDeveloper4 months ago

I am planning to add first-class VR support shortly after we hit 1.0. Until then, I think somebody was working on a mod for it…

@Ecconia5 months ago

It is not only possible, but also planned by the Developers to port it to VR. But there are other important things to be done first, so it may take a while.

@TheCircuitGuy28285 months ago

Makes sense. And i would prefer if it was sideloaded on (or on the oculus store) as well because my laptop is weak enough that SteamVR is very choppy. but that’s just me