A question concering the boards

by @pplwv221 year ago

Hi, i have a litte problem.

First, the game is one of the best games i bought in the last 25 years, thanks for that.

But one detail blows my mind…to arrange boards in 3 dimensions. I designed a 4-bit ALU on a big board. Now i want to staple 4 of this boards for a 16 bit ALU. I did the same with a 16 bit register, it was horrible too. But now I am fighting a lot more.

I do this by creating a fifth board straight up in the air, the 4 levels of ALU boards will the be connected with on one of their sides to this fifth board, in different heigts, one above the other. And this is no fun, because the game wants to decide on its own where to connect. It switches completly crazy around, the grabed board switches its alignment in a very random behaviour. It would be easier if you could move an object by using a key, step by step, in all 3 dimensions. Maybe this is possible and i dont know it?

Are there any “tricks” for a better arrangement in 3 dimensions, any trick to handle big boards to be able to staple them? The mouse seems not to be the best way to do this…

best regards and sorry for my english

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@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

First, the game is one of the best games i bought in the last 25 years, thanks for that.

Thank you so much!

I completely agree that board placement is very awkward right now. I have a couple of features planned that will drastically improve this. These features will be coming in 0.91 or 0.92.

@internet_man1 year ago

R,T,SHIFT+E,SHIFT+Q are some rotating features if you need that

@pplwv221 year ago

Thanks a lot, I know them. But I found a other solution, I build the levels of a “hight-tower” block in a 90 degree lying position, after finishing all my levels I rotate the complete “building”. I think I have to “train” building towers…

@internet_man1 year ago

i have zero idea what this comment or your post means really. Add context, please.

@pplwv221 year ago

Yes, you are right, my description is not helpful. I build a 4 bit system on a very big board (a complete 4 bit ALU), flat on the ground. And now i want to staple 4 of them for a 16 bit system, like the levels of a house. One above the other. Using Clone its easy to get 4 pieces…but its not easy to staple them. I am sure there a a lot ofy ways to do this. I use a fifth board, like a vertical wall. And now i connect my 4 boards to this fifth wall on one side, one above the other, like the levels of a house. And there starts the fight ;-).