Logic World Wednesdays: The Friday Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper10 months ago (edited10 months ago)

Happy Spooktober!

Building Flow and the Action Wheel - Jimmy

I’ve been working on the core game flow for building structures in the world, with the goal of making something that’s easy for beginners to learn but also fast for experts to use. The new features build on all the new building code I’ve been working on for the past six months, and I’m REALLY happy with how it’s all coming together – check it out!

Site Management Panel - Felipe

For a while we’ve had an admin panel that allowed us to send newsletter emails, and that’s about it. It was quite old and I had been wanting to revamp it for a while now, so I started writing a new “management panel”. This panel is not only meant for us developers, but also for our future site moderators.


Right now there are 3 sub-panels: the index panel, which shows some stats about the site; the newsletter panel, which lets us send newsletter emails (like this LWW!); and finally a user list. I want to keep adding features to this page, for example a list of all uploaded images to easily detect spam and misuse of the service.

Miscellaneous web changes - Felipe

Last week I talked about a service that allowed me to toggle certain features of the website, Flagsmith. This service had a free tier that I thought would do for a while, however we quickly reached the maximum free API call limit. Fortunately, this project is open source, which allowed me to set up an instance in our own servers with no call limits.

Next, I moved the post management buttons (edit and delete) to the sidebar. I also added a couple of new buttons: one to move posts between forums (for site moderators only), and one to send a post as a newsletter (for site admins only).

Jimmy and I have been discussing this change, and while we feel that the sidebar is a good place for the management buttons, we worry that the bright colorful boxes may visually distract from the actual post contents. What do you think about this change? Where should the management buttons go?

More Thrilling Input System Work - Jimmy

Last week I discussed some changes and upgrades to the game’s input system, and finishing that up has been one of my big tasks this week. I have:

  • Reorganized all the game’s metadata surrounding input triggers
  • Added metadata about input trigger contexts (see last week’s post)
  • Written code for loading input trigger contexts
  • Made some tweaks to the UI for choosing bindings
  • Added support for actions that are not bound to any input
  • Fixed a bunch of horrible bugs with the other bullet points in this list
  • Written code to detect any conflicts in the bindings

That last bullet point was dizzyingly complex, to my surprise. Logic World’s binding system has a lot going on: every action can have one or more options; every option can correspond to one or more inputs to be held down together, any of which might first need to be double- or triple- tapped; and to top it all off, bindings can reference each other, becoming dependent on the possibly-multiple and possibly-further-referential binding options of one or more other actions. I’m pretty sure that writing code to detect conflicting bindings within that mess broke my brain, but I did it, it’s done and it works.

Now I just need to display these conflicts in the user interface.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@Ecconia9 months ago

Finally! The action wheel. I am looking forward to use it.

Many in the Discord server did raise their voices about customization of it.
Asking about the “size” of the wheel, cause it blocks your view.
I think besides the general size/scale, one should also be able to make the inner circle bigger. So that one could look through it. It also looks better then.
But since we already have settings for it, why not add the ability to toggle the visibility of the icons/text/shortcuts?

Oh website control panels are always nice, kind of the hidden staff door. Which allows neat control over what happens.
And whohoo, hosting more stuff yourself also nice

@JimmyDeveloper9 months ago (edited9 months ago)

I’m definitely going to add lots of customization options for the Action Wheel visuals! I agree, the current look is kind of rough.

@shamus03010 months ago (edited10 months ago)

Action wheel has to be one of the best features added so far!

@JimmyDeveloper10 months ago

Cheers! I too am exceedingly pleased with it :D