Logic World v0.91.1 is now available!

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What’s up gamers,

The minor update v0.91.1 is now available for download! Go grab it on Steam or Itch.io. This update contains a ton of bugfixes and lots of minor improvements/tweaks/polish. Read on below for the full list of changes.

More big Logic World news is coming soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. Enjoy the update!

(Artwork by Cady | @​pink_3d:matrix.org)

0.91.1 Changelog


  • Multi-Placement systems have been drastically improved. It should now be much easier to place multiple items where you want them to be, and items should always have the correct starting placement when you begin moving them now.
  • The system for determining the rotation of items being Grabbed or Cloned has been reworked. These items should never change rotation unexpectedly now when you move them to a surface with a different orientation.
  • Added secret setting: MHG.Placing.Secret.MaxOffsetVariantAttemptsPerItemPerFrame
  • Fixed a crash to error screen that could occur when grabbing or cloning multiple components (#475)
  • Fixed a crash to error screen when undoing some custom-data-changing operations (#469)
  • Fixed a crash to error screen, and occasionally other weird errors, when undoing a multi-clone operation that placed a cloned object on top of a source object (#466)
  • Fixed not being able to resize components when they’re placed in very specific locations (#471)
  • Fixed cloned objects sometimes containing input pegs that remain On without being connected to any outputs
  • Fixed using Offset Hold on a Flipped component resulting in a mirrored X offset value


  • Fixed inputs on Through Pegs and Sockets sometimes erroneously starting Off instead of On after loading a save
  • Fixed Delayers’ internal counter state not being saved, and resetting to 0 on save load (#473)

Servers and Multiplayer

  • FOR REAL THIS TIME, fixed the infamous “cuddle bug”, where you’d sometimes be shoved around by other players while someone was in the process of joining the server (#474)
  • Fixed visual glitches for a short time after someone joins or leaves the server where other players would appear to move around very far and fast
  • Fixed connected clients sometimes erroneously seeing the default server closing message when the server is closed with a custom message
  • Fixed missing server console message to confirm the world has been saved to disk when the server is closed and SaveOnClose is enabled
  • Improved the phrasing of various messages printed to the server console


  • Finding Parcels: tweaked the color of some sounds and fixed some audio artifacts
  • Time and Science: fixed the ending note being cut off abruptly. It now fades out fully to silence.


  • Translations for WIP languages now include non-approved Google Translate suggestions
  • Updated translations and translator credits for Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian 🇺🇦

OBJ Export

  • Fixed OBJ export not working at all lmao
  • Added command: objexport.currentworld [int textResolution]
  • OBJ exports should have much less texture duplication compared to 0.90.3. Textures are now reused where possible.
  • Exported .obj and .mtl files are more human-readable compared to 0.90.3 thanks to added whitespace between objects, better organization of the data, and a few other improvements


  • token.dat is now stored in the game install directory, next to the executable. This means your login is now specific to your installation of the game, instead of being shared by all installations on your machine.
  • token.dat is now stored encrypted, with an encryption key and IV stored in a separate location on your machine. This means that in order to impersonate you, an attacker would now need access to two files instead of just one.
  • Fixed the LogicWorld.Online.Auth.ClearedToken event never being invoked (#476)
  • Added a smiley face when you log in using the browser


  • Fixed incorrect integrated server paths on the Itch.io version, which prevented Itch.io players from loading singleplayer worlds
  • The game handles input much better now if your binding for Multi-Select overlaps with your binding for a Build Action
  • Fixed a crash to error screen when the main menu loads if you have a corrupted save file
  • Added a check on application startup for whether the environment supports compute shaders, which are required to draw component/wire geometry since 0.91. If not, an appropriate error message will be displayed.
  • Removed OpenGL support on MacOS, since OpenGL on MacOS does not support compute shaders
  • Enabled Graphics Jobs and GPU Skinning in the player, which should provide a modest rendering performance boost

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