Deleting Entire Circuits

by @Freeksam7 months ago


I’ve been refactoring some of my circuits, and I realized that I can’t delete entire circuits resting on circuit boards by deleting the circuit board. Instead, I have to remove every component on the circuit board, or multi-select everything there. Is there any way to delete the entire circuit swiftly?


@CouthCodger7 months ago

Hello @Freeksam,

I’ve had great success deleting circuit boards by pressing the Grab key (G) and then pressing the Remove key (R). Sometimes I need to press Z to select the base board of either single or multiple boards before pressing the Grab/Remove keys.

However, it sounds like you’ve been playing for a while and are probably already familiar with these key sequences; in which case I wouldn’t have any other suggestions. I’m currently playing on the latest patch v0.90.3 (, build 7809) and I’m not experiencing any issues with deleting either main or subordinate assemblies.

@Freeksam7 months ago

Hey, thanks for the reply. Turns out after a computer restart everything worked fine, and now I can once again delete subassemblies.