Logic World Wednesdays: The Upside-Down Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper1 year ago

Arbitrary World Gravity - Jimmy

For a long time, I’ve felt that one of the biggest flaws of Logic World is its uninteresting backgrounds. The circuits themselves are super cool, but we need cooler places to build those circuits.

One of my main tasks for December is to add more and beautiful world types to the game. This week I’ve implemented an awesome tool that will help me to create these worlds: arbitrary world gravity.

I forgot to mention it in the video, but the gravity system is totally open to modders. When you mod in a world type, you can control exactly how the gravity works; you can use one of the built-in gravity rules, or program your own.

Bugs Fixed This Week

  • Fixed visual teleport errors if the teleport exit had a different rotation or scale from the teleport entrance
  • Fixed incorrect player capsule rotation in Chairs
  • Fixed missing lighting data on Grasslands
  • Fixed \ not being correctly detected and replaced when validating file names for sandboxes and saved boards

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See you next Wednesday!

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@yeboia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

You could grey out (or hide) settings you can’t edit (on servers) in settings. How would you make spheres? You could also customise gravity affected cubes to change size and color.            Also any idea yet how you will launch logic world? (from steam)

@bejoscha1 year ago

Is the gravity tied to the surface? If so, would it be conceivable to have logic-world components that alters gravity based on its state? (The objects would alter the gravity of the connected surface they are directly placed on only.)

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Gravity is completely arbitrary. It is not inherently tied to any objects in the world.

The way it works is there is an IGravityRules interface. The game finds the active gravity rules, and passes it a point in 3D space. The gravity rules returns a direction and magnitude for gravity at that point.

When you create a world type, you can use one of the built-in vanilla gravity rules, or you can code your own. There’s really no restriction on what code you can run in your GravityRules class, as long as it implements the interface. So…

would it be conceivable to have logic-world components that alters gravity based on its state?

Yes, that is absolutely 100% possible and is an amazing idea. I didn’t think of that at all but it’s brilliant.

@lululombard1 year ago

Okay that’s cool and everything, but that’s really not a required feature for the release. How about you actually optimize the game for big circuits instead of adding quirky features and never release the game? Sorry to be harsh but I’ve been waiting for more than a year for this game now, and it seems you got sidetracked a lot… Thanks

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

How about you actually optimize the game for big circuits

I actually have been working on that this week, but it’s not done at all and wasn’t ready to show. I’m hoping to have some impressive performance demos next Wednesday.

I’ve been waiting for more than a year for this game now

Me too man. Trust me, nobody is as eager as I am to get this done and released.

that’s really not a required feature for the release.

it seems you got sidetracked a lot

It is true that this feature is not strictly necessary. Choosing to add arbitrary gravity was a compromise on time-in to value-out. The new player controller code (which was necessary for several reasons) supports arbitrary rotation, and so it was fairly straightforward to add arbitrary gravity to world types. Without too much work, I got results that are super awesome.

As I said in the post, I’ve felt for a long time that one of Logic World’s biggest flaws is its uninteresting backgrounds. Logic World is special not because it’s a circuit simulator, but because it’s a 3D, first-person, immersive circuit simulator. To fully realize that vision, we need fun and awe-inspiring places to build your circuits. Arbitrary gravity is a tool that is helping me to add those places.

We 100% could have released a kind of shitty Logic World a long time ago. But I am not willing to release a kind of shitty game. I care about Logic World a lot, and I want it to be an incredible, feature-rich, super polished product. Sometimes that means adding features which aren’t strictly necessary.

Thank you for caring about my game and for sharing your feelings on it. There is not too much longer to wait now. Hang in there.

@shamus0301 year ago

I just want to say that I think this is a very good response. As a software developer myself, I also suffer from feature creep, so I think @lululombard’s question is valid and from the outside these kinds of features really do look like feature creep (you say it didn’t take much time, though in my personal experience “not much time” is almost always too much time). But your response made it clear to me for the first time that your vision/goals for LW are not just about the simulation, it’s about the experience and the ambience. That immediately flips my perspective (again, my own opinion) from this being a random/unnecessary feature to one that is really cool/important.

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words! <3

@Nerd1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

You could add rotation and orbits to planets. But it can create board collision problems. This solar system brings back fond memories of the wonderful Outer Wilds. UPD: Will planets have more vertices?

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

You could add rotation and orbits to planets.

We unfortunately can’t right now because there’s no support for placed objects that move. If you placed a component on a moving planet, it would seem to shoot off into space as the planet moved away from it.

However, this is something I’d really like to support in a post-1.0 update.

Will planets have more vertices?

Unsure about vertex count; there are a number of visual styles a planet could have with varying vertex counts. I’m also unsure if vanilla LW will have any planet world types at launch. But I’m planning to experiment with raymarching for planet rendering, which would give them the appearance of infinity vertexes.

@Ecconia1 year ago

Oh I thought this LWW was about Australia.

@Ry1 year ago


@calegxm9991 year ago

it would be fun to have cannons in logic world

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

I agree. My plan is that it will be possible to build cannons once I add the physics sandbox features to the game (a good deal post-1.0).

@calegxm9991 year ago

this is cool

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Thanks babe, I think you’re cool too <3