Logic World Wednesdays: The Hot-Reloadable Edition

by @JimmyDeveloper1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

GREETINGS! It’s been another fairly unexciting week for me, but I’ve continued to plug away at miscellaneous maintenance tasks. Although Hofstadter’s Law continues to out-Hofstadter’s Law me, lots of work is getting done on Logic World and I am super excited about how development is going.

Here are some highlights from my work week:

Hot-reloadable SUCC files

If you’ve poked around in the Logic World game files, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of data stored with my custom SUCC file format. In order to assist with development & debugging, I’ve made most of these files hot-reloadable: you can edit them on disk, and when you save the file, the game will reload the appropriate data and even update the user interface to reflect it. This includes settings_master.succ and its 100+ secret settings – you no longer need to restart the game to change them.

Note that this change applies to SUCC files outside the GameData folder. GameData files (i.e. mods) already have some SUCC hot-reloading support in 0.90.

.NET 6

I’ve upgraded the server runtime from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 6.0. This is a more modern .NET and brings with it gratuitous performance improvements. I haven’t really tested to see how it affects LW, but it seems kinda faster!

The Most Important Video Game Feature in the History of Video Game Features, Maybe Ever

I made the inverter output render as “on” in the item thumbnail.


Thanks for reading! More soon. Love, Jimmy

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@Ecconia1 year ago

Nice the start of small bug fixes! I like - and I think all of these changes affect me - even better.

  • I did have to restart to fix my master-settings.
  • I saw the inverter derped.
  • If I am informed right, then updating DotNet to 6 should fix the Linux ICU issue.

This LWW did not provide us with much insight, although each of these issues is very small, so not much required.
My question would be: Was updating .NET to 6.0 as simple as changing a dropdown somewhere, or did this require other changes as well? And did you apply that for almost all DLLs used in the server, or just the entry-point one? Since right now it seems to be a mix of a few versions. But I might be wrong, since I did not do this level of C# yet.

@Broyojo1 year ago

yes finally the cursed inverter will not bother me

@Frain_Breeze1 year ago

I was worried I was the only one who noticed that